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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  September 10, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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you to all of you who watched today. it was a special day sharing pieces from the loneliest club. we profiled every one of those i sat with last night in washington. i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for being with me. "the lead" starts right now. sl \s i'm jake tapper, this is "the lead." the 308 tick lead, donald trump versus the world? he's attacking dr. ben carson's surgical skills, carly fiorina's face? as the final cnn poll before next week's debate shows he is stronger than ever. his favorite target, jeb bush, will join me to way in and respond. the national lead, moving targets, 11 shootings in 11 days, zero suspects, armed volunteers now patrolling a small busy stress of an interstate on the lookout for a small sniper. homes swept away, incredible
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rescues, as a deadly typhoon dumps 2 feet of rain on parts of japan. as my kids would say, only six more sleeps until the a debate. today is poll day, a critically important day for the candidates trying to get on the primetime debate stage. our brand-new cnn will orc poll shows donald trump enjoying an encore. the first candidate in our poll to crash the 30% threshold. he is shoring up support among democr demographics where he seemed vulnerable a moon ago. a majority of republican voters say he is most likely to win the nomination, and if he does in fact do what most everyone thought impossible and snag that
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nomination, 67% of republicans say they'll at least be okay with trump representing the party in the general election. the poll, however, brings more ominous news for jeb bush. yes, he is in third place behind trump, now 47% of republicans in our poll say he would not be acceptable to them as the nominee. the one-time front-runner is here on "the lead" talking to me for his first interview with cnn this cycle. first let's get to the top political news with dana bash to bring us up to speed. the insults in the primary process so far have been fast and furious, but the last 24 hours, they have really gotten personal. >> it is unbelievable. the top two candidates questioning each other's faith in god, and a third calling the front run are an eon maniac al - >> donald trump's dominance in the republican field is even more solid.
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a high watermark for any gop candidate, but the man who is running second, ben carson is mixing it up with trump like never before. trump used to cause carson too nice to attack. >> frankly he looks like -- he make bush look like the energizer bunny. the turnaround follows a family pattern. carson questioned trump ee ee ek that probably is a big differentiator. >> ben carson, you look at his faith, and i think you're not going to find so much. you look at his views on abortion which were horrendous. i think that's why i'm leading with all the evangelicals. >> reporter: on that, trump is right, cnn's/orc poll has trump on top, 232% cars the not far
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behind. >> who is he to question my faith when i am -- you know, he doesn't even know me. i've met him a few times, but i don't know ben carson. he was a doctor, perhaps, you know, an okay doctor. >> reporter: to be sure, carson is a world renown pediatric neurosurgeon who pioneered separating conjoined twins. trump is also getting into trouble again talking about women's appearances, quoted in a new "rolling stone" article as saying this when seeing carly fiorina on tv. look at that face, would anyone vote for that? can you imagine that? the face of our next president? the brash billionaire tried to clarify on cnn this morning. >> i'm talking about her persona, her pen persona, she is not goingsh. >> fiorina's strategy is to not take the bait, saying she's getting under his sk yet another candidate unleashed
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on trump today. >> the reality of donald trump, however, is absurd. he's not serious. he's a carnival act. >> bobby jindal struggling in the polls threw a political hail mary. >> i've enjoyed him as a reality tv star, but just people enjoy watching kim kardashian, we wouldn't put her in the oval office, either. >> rick perry called him a cancer on conservative. jeb bush is painting him as a democrat in disguise, but jindal's approach is difference. it's not just about politics, but trump's personal and character. he's trying to make the point, he says that -- >> let's see what jeb bush has to say. dana bash, stick around. i want you to weigh in after i talk to governor bush. here for his first cnn interview, former florida governor, republican presidential candidate jeb bush.
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sir, thanks so much for joining us. >> you bet, jake. good talking to you. >> this morning your fellow candidate and southern state governor bobby jindal went on a lengthy invective against donald trump the front-runner. he called the front-runner dangerous and more. take a listen. >> donald trump is not a serious candidate. he's a narcissist. he as an ego maniac. the only thing he believes him is himself. he's shallow. he has no understanding of policy. he is full of bluster. he has no substance. he lacks the intellectual curiosity. you can't argue policy with this guy. the only thing that donald trump believes in is himself. donald trump is for donald trump. he's not for anything, he's not against anything. issues don't mean anything to him. policies, ideals are not important. he is for donald. >> agree or disagree? >> i agree. i think mr. trump as the
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front-runner needs to be treated like all candidates. he needs to share what his experiences are to be president of the united states, what his ideas are, and so far, at least, he has not been serious about that. i think he believes he can insult hi way to the presidency. i don't think his tire is a fairly good guide to that. he needs to begin to say what his vision is. up to now i think governor jindal is correct. >> we saw donald trump along with ted cruz rally on the capitol steps, trump went after the, quote, stupid people who made in iran deal. this deal looks like it's going to happen. what would a president jeb bush do about this deal on day one? and why is your approach better than trump's? >> well, first of all you need to look at the full relationship that iran, by giving them over $100 billion of revenue. they'll continue to be the largest sponsor of terrorism in the world. their people are still
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repressed, held back by the ayatollahs. they have the capability of with conventional weapons to be a real existential threat to israel, and there's no evidence that they'll comply with this agreement, because they violated agreements in the past. so the next president will need a strategy to push iran back, and to make sure that they never have the nuclear capability. donald trump has said that hillary clinton has got so much talent she would be a good negotiator with iran. she and obama's administration has yielded this negotiation, which has been an unmitigated disaster. he's wrong on that. >> when you say you would push iran back, do you mean you would rescind this deal or enstores it more vigorously? what exactly do you mean? >> what i mean is the broader context of iran's efforts to create a radical shia force in yemen, in iraq, in syria through its support of assad and certainly in lebanon through the
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support of hezbollah, both in syria and lebanon. now reengaging with hamas and the gaza strip is a huge problem in the immediacy. that's in the here and now. and when you combine that with their capabilities, their ability to have ballistic missile, the purchase of missile defense capabilities, and my belief they're not serious about complying with this agreement, this president is leaving the next president with a much more dangerous situation as it relates to iran. we need a strategy to contain them as it relates to the region, and to assure the american people that they'll never get a nuclear bomb. >> i do want to ask about the tone and tenor of the campaign. most recently "rolling stone" quoted donald trump saying this about carly fiorina, your fellow presidential candidate, quote -- look at that face. would anyone vote for that? can you imagine that, the face of our next president? trump today said he was talking about fiorina's persona, her personality. do you believe him?
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what's your view of that comment? >> look, i don't get it. i don't see how over the long haul that you can insult your way to the nomination, certainly not the presidency and not the nomination, either. this disparages of women is deeply troubling. it doesn't make any sense. carly fiorina has made a good contribution already and will continue to make a contribution in this nomination process. she should be respected as a talented person and a viable candidate. >> we're now watching these harrowing scenes out of the europe, syrian refugees dying as they try to escape war. frankly countries slow to help. we're hearing from the obama administration that the u.s. will take in up to 10,000 refugees in the next fiscal year. senator ted cruz says it doesn't make sense to move large numbers ofsh to far-off countries like the united states. where do you come down?
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>> look, we've had a rich, noble tradition of supporting refugees all across the world. think of the hundreds of thousands of vietnamese who came to our country. they added a vitality that's undeniable. we have a tradition of doing this. i think we have an obligation to do that? support of the displaced people that right now are suffering. these tragic pictures are real. this is not a made-up game. the other thing we need to do is to have a strategy as it relates to syria. 30 days ago i laid out a strategy where we talked about how you build a no-fly zone, where you create safe zones for the building of a moderate force that needs to be supported by europe, and by the arab nations, trained by america, and where our air superiority can bring out, you know -- can create an environment where we can take out isis and take out assad. you cannot do this without a political settlement that creates more stability.
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12 million people have been displaced in a country that as no more than 23 or 24 million people. this is -- this is a humanitarian problem of epic proportions. i think the united states needs to act both as it relates to a strategy in syria, as well as dealing with the refugee problem. we're going to take a quick break. my interview will continue. i will ask about the brand-new poll that shows 51% of will be the nominee. more jeb bush coming up next. technology empowers us to achieve more.
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kell one back to "the lead." we're going to stay with our politics lead and more of our interview with former governor and candidate jeb bush. some says the most alarming development in syria -- and the
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russians have only admitted this in the last day or so -- russians are sending in troops to help prop up assad. they're also probably going to be fighting syrian moderates that the u.s. is supporting. how concerned are you about this? is this essentially going to be a proxy war against russia in some ways? >> this is a deeply disturbing trend if it's verified for sure. it creates even greater dilemmas for the united states, but this is what happens when you talk with agreed grandiosity about a red line and never act or talk about supporting the syrian free army and allow it to be decimated. the u.s. needs to lead when voids are created. putin now sees an america that is so weak and vacillating that he takes his actions. we need a new president where his word is a bond, with the american people and the rest of the world. we don't have that right now. so putin is acting as bullies do, and it's going to create a
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much more difficult situation in syria if this is true. you just unveiled your tax plan. i want to talk about a couple aspects. donald trump says that hedge fund managers are getting away with murderer, your former protege said -- i think a lot of people were surprised by the fact that in your tax plan, you decided to essentially join trump on this issue. you're in favoring of increases the tax on the hedge finished managers. tell us why. >>ite not in favor of raising taxes. i'm just saying if -- you should create investment income taxes for everybody. if you're investing you should have a lower tax rate, and we're proposing 20%. if your business is to make money in the financial markets, that's not and you don't have skin in the game, capital in the game, you should pay the ordinary tax. 28% at the top, and this will
1:19 pm
create high sustained economic growth in the real economy, which is what we need. look, wall street will be fine. they'll adjust to provide services for people that will be building factories, taking advantage of the energy revolution in our midst. we need to create job training programs so we deal with the skills gap. we need a full strategy, and our tax plan will create dynamic economic activity. so it's not a tax-raising exercise, but a tax-cutting exercise. >> it won't surprise you that liberal and progressives are criticizing your tax proposals. the democratic national committee saying regardless of some of the elements like the hedge fund managers, generally speaking your plan ultimately will mean, quote, more massive tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations all while exploding the deficit, or shifting the burden onto the middle class, even more extreme plan than his brother's. what's your response?
1:20 pm
my plan looks similar to the 1986 plan, which was bipartisan which created arch explosion of investment and economic growth for our country over an extended period of time. that's what we need to get back to, high sustained economic growth. why should we have the highest corporate tax rate in the world where we create inversions with companies are being sold overseas where we lose the revenue, more importantly the jobs. we should have the lowest corporate tax rate in the industrial world, which i'm proposing, eliminate the deductions and allow for investments to take place. the middle class in my proposal, all of them will get an average of 33% cut in taxes. we need to boost people's spirits by giving them more money to make decisions for themselves. as part of this we'll shrink washington by the way and disrupt the old order. >> you said in washington did you your brother's time in the white house, republicans spent too much money. can you name any spending items you would have vetoed or paid
1:21 pm
for? >> look, if you're going to grow government faster than people's income growth, then you have to pear pare it back. medicaid ought to be turned into a defined contribution system where states decide it and where you lower the growth rates of spending. the eda, i mean, have a thorough review of all of these agencies that have never been reviewed. you can pare back spending, just the -- allow attrition to take place. we could shrink the government workforce just by 10% by people retiring and not rehiring. there's a lot of things we could do in terms of procurement reform. we need a leader that has a practical experience in doing this. i did this in tallahassee, florida. i turned the place upsidedown. we shrunk the government by 11%.
1:22 pm
this president and the next president needs line-item veto authority. >> let the record reflect i'm only asking one more question. today in our cnn/orc poll you're third, 51% of republicans day they think donald trump will be your party's nominee. you started this race as a front-runner. what happened? and how are you going to turn it around? >> it's a long haul. i'm up in new hampshire. i'm going to talk to people that will allow a small business. i'm going to talk to the employees how they'll get higher wages and more people will be hired because of this tax proposal that stops the punitive nature of our code and actually allows people to invest in our future. i think ultimately the three things that matter is you have to have heart for people, you have to have ideas to lift them up and leadership skills to make sure that people know it's actually possible. i have though skills, and i'm going to share it with passion and conviction. we'll see what happens. i'm pretty of the i will be the
1:23 pm
republican nominee. >> governor jeb bush, thank you so much. i'll seal you in six days at the debate and of course out on the campaign trail. good luck out there. >> thank you, jake. look forward to seeing you. let's bring in sara murray, and still with me dana bash. dana, along with me so let's just talk about this. i was surprised, i have to say, when we ran some of the sound, the scathing indictment of donald trump from bobby jindal, who is not doing particularly well in the polls. i asked governor bush to agree or disagree and he said agree. >> he did. look, in some ways jeb bush started the ball rolling, his line of attack -- on -- on donald trump, as we were talking about it earlier, when bush started it, it was -- jindal was very personal, but the fact, that to the presidency is something that he's hoping very
1:24 pm
much will stick. the problem is -- especially a day like today when our polls shows how well he's doing, he says anything but conventional. >> and sara, donald trump insists he was talking about the persona, but that's not what the quote suggests. he cast this as a bigger issue for trump. >> he said it was deeply troubling for him to talk about women that way. wanting to shake female republican voters and like, wake up. i think bush is trying to say, why? listen to the things that he is saying about women. on the one hand he says he would cherish them as president, but on the other hand this is how he treats the women he has to interact with on a day-to-day basis, and i do think that there
1:25 pm
are a number of other republicans who would agree and think these comments are troubling and republicans need to make up ground with women. >> all of uss follow this stuff closely, but you and dana very closely. you detected a tweaking of governor scott walker in his remarks and governor bush's remarks about syria. >> there was a bit of tweaking there. when jeb bush is talking about the situation in syria and how the u.s. should respond, he says, look, these are real images. this is not a made had of up game scott walker said he would not answer a question, because it's a hypothetical. he went on to clarify that days later, about you this has become a pattern with scott walker. had gets the questions, kind of stumbles over them and takes days to finally reach an answer. i think jeb bush wants you to know he's already thinking what he would do as president. >> i asked jeb bush about what he would veto since he said
1:26 pm
republicans spent too much money during thinks brother's time in the white house. i asked what spending item would you have vetoed? i didn't really feel like i got an answer. >> no, in fact i was looking at the transcript. you didn't get a specific answer, at least to the one you asked, which is pick one thing. the reason i thought that exchange was telling, jake, is because i've spent a good part of the modern and early afternoon talking to concerned leaders. and when you bring up jeb bush, they say one of the biggest problems is his relationship and his name's relationship with the way people perceive the bush year. his father and his brother, big spending, govern run amok, and the fact he didn't have a specific answer, he talked about the vite veto corleone days. thank you very much. the debate is less than a week
1:27 pm
from now. that would be wednesday. i will be the moderator. we will reveal that debate lineup in just a few hours. who made the cut in find out which ones did and where they will appear on stage tonight at 8:00 eastern on anderson cooper, "a.c. 360" a republican attempt to sometimy the nuclear deal. just minutes ago failed in the senate, coming up two votes short. 58 senators voted to derail the deal, but they needed 60. 42 senators blocked the measure from going to a final vote. that spares president obama from having to take out his veto pen, at least for now. on the other side of the campaign, a brand-new poll that bernie sanders admits even stunned him. that is next.
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it is now a debt heat, torrid to a brand-new poll out today. the numbers show clinton at 40%, senator bernie sanders at 41%. , still 41 is more than 40. joe biden has yet to be, this is also the second poll of the week. we have this report from ohio today.
1:33 pm
in the democratic short race, clinton risks falling behind. it shows progressive underdog bernie sanders has caught up to clinton in iowa. >> yes s. putting her in danger of losing the first two early voting states. >> reporter: clinton facing more bad news today, as an i.t. aide who worked for her walked into a congressional hearing and walked out 21 minutes later, pleading the fifth instead of testifying about managing clinton's private serv server. >> he has a right to not answer questions he thinking may incriminate him, and you have a right to glean whatever ninchs you want. >> reporter: clinton has fouled
1:34 pm
herself losing ground in other states he won before. and once again sheets trying to turn things around. >> there's one particular candidate who -- every change. >> i have to say, if he emerges, i would love to debate him. >> reporter: and pitching herself as a rare dealmaker in today's politics. >> you know, i get accused of being kind of moderate, center. i plead guilty. i think sometimes it's important when you're in the elected arena, you try to figure out how to bring people together to get something done, instead of just standing on the opposite sides yelling at each other. >> sanders' response to that? >> i am a proud progressive. >> reporter: meanwhile, vice president joe biden is also in the spotlight. >> hello, new york! >> reporter: he's speaking at a
1:35 pm
handful of events, even an clinton support irare finding it different to choose. >> if i could -- >> i would have elizabeth warren, all running the country, because i think that is what we need. when it comes to international crisis where she lags is in trust worthiness and honesty. >> suzanne malveaux, thank you so much. in our world lead, stunning allegations that altered intelligence to suggest the fight against isis is going better than it actually is. we'll dive deeper into that story, next. running my own shop has been brutal. but then i got a domain and built my website all at godaddy. now i look so professional, i just got my first customer who isn't related to me.
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i'm jake tapper, topping our world lead today, allegations that u.s. military officials altered isis intelligence assessments exaggerating the success of the coalition's fight against the terrorist group. now cnn has learned that the pentagon's watch dog, the inspector general is investigating. let's get to barbara starr live at the pentagon. what are your sources telling you about this? >> jake, appear weeks of rumors, defense officials finally did confirm the inspector general investigating the allegations, the big question is how broad, how deep, how far does all of this go? the allegation appears to be that defense intelligence agency mill tans intelligence analysts claim that some of their work was altered by higher-ups, so the progress in the war would look better all the way up the chain of command. so a complaint was made to the inspector general. it's now being looked at. is it illegal? is it inappropriate? experts are telling us that, you know, in intelligence, you can
1:41 pm
have different interpretations of the same facts, and it's okay to have different interpretations, but what is not okay is to alter basic fundamental intelligence and try and make it look better. of course, we know that this is so sensitive, because back in 2003, the world went down this road when it watch the war, the original invasion into iraq emerge. it was later discovered that that was based on faulty intelligence. no case that that's what's happening here to that extent, but right now all of this very sensitive at the pentagon, defense secretary ash carter has already told his top intelligence officials to make sure when he gets intelligence that it is the unvarnished truth. jake? >> barbara starr, thank you so much. today marks one year since president obama announced the formation of a global campaign to defeat isis. earlier i spoke with john allen, the retired for-star marine general who as a civilian was
1:42 pm
named special envoy for the global coalition to counter isil, or eye says as we called on the show. as a matter of policy, he would not comment on that investigation into whether intelligence is being misrepresented in any way, but allen pushed back, strongly on the notion that the u.s. is losing the battle against this terrorist group. >> we have to start with a couple of reality points, jake, that is, you know, the first interview i did was last year was for cnn. i made the point then this is going to be a long conflict. we need to be prepared. >> how long? >> we think it could be years. there will be aspects that will go even beyond that. >> decades? >> the competition of ideas, that's right. we shouldn't be surprised at that. but if we -- if we remember where we were a year ago now, roughly at the beginning of the formation of the coalition, mosul has fallen. the better part of three to four provinces in iraq has fallen,
1:43 pm
much of the order of syria and turkey has been lost to the control of dash -- >> another term for ice sill? >> which is typically a term we used. we were uncertain whether iraq was going to survive this. when you think back to that moment in history, what was going on then, and you think about what's happening now, there is really a dramatic change. we had success in some areas. we've had some setbacks in other areas. in syria, where we've had the opportunity to work with credible partners, you'll recall back in the fall of last year, the place we never heard of called kobani, it looked like that was going to collapse. >> and it did ultimately. >> in the end, the support of the coalition, with credibility partner, kobani held. when you think about to where we were a year ago to today, i don't agree with the articulation of the formulation.
1:44 pm
>> the russian foreign ministry just finally acknowledged they do have some personnel in syria, aiding assad's regime in its fight against isis. do you have a problem with russian forces in syria on assad's side, but fighting isis? >> we've been watching this closely over the last several days, watching the buildup to see what it might mean. >> we don't know whether or not it's a good or bad thing? >> i think it's a bad thing, if they use combat forces to prop you have assad. assad is responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of his people. to prop him up with military force creates an additional crisis in the region and in fact could bring russian forces in confrontation with coalition forces. >> the u.s., as you mentioned, tried to train some moderate syrian rebels to fight isis on the ground. $500 million was spent on the effort.
1:45 pm
ultimately reports came out that many of these individuals were either kidnapped or they fled. is this basically the best the u.s. can hope for when it comes to moderate, syrian opposition? >> to be clear, the $500 million wasn't spent solely on that. it's a long-term investment. we do acknowledge that was a setback, but we remain committed to the principles of that program. there have been other elements in syria that we have worked with very closely that have accomplished some pretty snirkt military games. >> would this fight be easier for you and the military generals, because you're a retired military general if the rules of engagement were changed and you could have as many ground forces, whether american or jordanian or whatever, all you saided? >> that's a hypothetical question. we have to remembe that much of the iraqi security forces suffered a major defeat this time last year, so the process of building their capabilities and their confidence and their leadership and their military capacity, it's going to take a
1:46 pm
while. as i said before, this is not going to be a short-term conflict. >> retired marine general john allen, we wish you the best of luck with your mission. >> thank you. great to be with you. coming up, driver talking about an apparent sniper, more than ten cars have been hit by bullets. police now looking for the public's help. are they any closer to finding the persons behind the attack. stranded from the roofs of their homes, and the threat is not yet over. that story is next. across america, people like basketball hall of famer
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welcome to the moment no one's been waiting for. the fastest internet and the best tv experience is already here with x1. only from xfinity. the national lead now. someone could be out to kill you in arizona. a sniper is apparently targeting drivers on arizona's busy interstate 10, which runs in and out of phoenix. police now saying at least 11 cars have been hit in the last two weeks. windshields shattered by bullets. other cards smashed by projectiles. one was a police officers in an unmarked suv on his ways to
1:51 pm
work. >> reporter: we do know no one has been killed, but he says that could change. we know a 13-year-old has been injured when glass sprayed on her after someone shot the windshield of the truck that she was riding in. this situation is dangerous, police say, and there are an army of police, the fbi, the atf also helping out trying to figure out who is responsible for what has been a really random shooting that are happening at night, in the morning and in the daytime. >> we want to catch them as soon as possible, because if he or she is doing it in the middle of the day, then it's a scary situation it's bad enough it's happening at dark, but if they're brazen enough to do it in the day.
1:52 pm
all along interstate 10, we are seeing signs lit up saying i-120 shooter and giving a tip line for people to call. we also know there are a group of people here called bolt force. they are armed to the teeth, and they are focusing their attentions on crime fighting, looking along the cracks and crevices, trying to see if they can help police find this shooter. all in all, we are hearing from some members of the public saying they're trying to avoid interstate 10 all together, if they can. >> sara sidner, thank you so much. turning to our money lead, more cash in your pocket this fall, especially if you depend upon your car every dade. the government making a dramatic cut in its forecast for the national gas price, predicting gas will fall to $2 a gallon by the end of this year. gasoline has not been that low since the depths of the reception back in 2008-2009. if you're saying, wait a second i already have gas that cheap, you're probably in one of the 17 states bringing the average down, places like california,
1:53 pm
hawaii and alaska, meanwhile, not so lucky. coming up, houses swept away, hundreds of thousands evacuated. and the rain is not yet over. that's next.
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. our world lead. more than 200,000 people have been forced to flee their homes as extreme flooding has hit eastern japan. some of those houses have been literally ripped off their foundations and washed away. the situation is so dire that military helicopters are plucking residents off their rooftops, coming from unprecedented rainfall from a tropical storm, dumping some two feet of rain since monday. catherine correspondent will
1:58 pm
ripley joins me on the phone. do we know how many terr missing or injured. >> reporter: the flooding, i high winds, and the sad news that at least one person has died in landslides result of this rain. in fact there's just been a new evacuation advisory for an additional 200,000 people, because it's a risk of landslides. this is something we see in japan, where we have heavy rain in this mountainous nation. there's flooding, and often mudslides and landslides as well. that is why you're seeing these dramatic rescue teams unfolding, very quickly after the water rose, the self-defense force was called in to start rescues people. those rescue operations have been continuing throughout the overnight hours. it is still dark here, so the
1:59 pm
helicopter rescues, they will resume at daylight. what has been happeningite night long is they've been in boats going from building to building looking for people who may still be stranded in their homes. there is a concern. they still don't know how many people are out there. they now there were a number of people who called for help. dozens of people who said they were stranded, but there may be other people who didn't get time to get to the phone, maybe in the upper left of a building, waiting for help to arrive. so definitely a concerning situation. there are 100 different emergency evacuation centers that are open. people spent the night there getting food, water and medicine, additional people going into the centers throughout the overnight hours, as the sun comes up, we'll get a better sense. as far as the true scale of this disaster and who else may be out there. >> will ripley for us? japan, thank you so much.
2:00 pm
don't forget in just six days i'll be moderating the next presidential debate. it starts at 6:00 p.m. eastern, 3:00 p.m. pacific. that's it for "the lead." i'm jake tapper, tuning you over to one wolf blitzer in "the situation room." see you tomorrow. \s trump's big front. he stretches his lead even as he trades insults. what will happen when they're face-to-face in the gop debate? sanders stunner. the liberal democrat admits he's stunned that polls show him leading hillary clinton, and clinton admits she really is a moderate. at close range. new details about the police officers found shot to death after saying he was pursuing three men. the latest evidence is raising new questions about the mystery of fox lake. and highway sniper, shattered windows and shattered nerves, as motorists worry, police scramble to find out who is behind a series of shootings
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